About Better App

More support for healthy communities in social media has arrived with the launch of BETTER App

BETTER App is merging harm reduction with the recovery community, instantly connecting people seeking to expand their social “recovery” network and people who use drugs to be connected to digital spotters so they don’t need to use alone.

BETTER App will help people build Recovery Capital in their lives, by building social and community capital.

Features of BETTER App

  • My Recovery Wall – a social media feed for people in recovery
  • My Recovery Capital Score – a brief assessment of your recovery capital every 10 days
  • My Recovery Plan – a place you can keep track of your long term and short term goals
  • Recovery Rooms – start a conversation, consider it a live speaker meeting, stream yourself
  • Safety Net – a global overdose prevention tool, where someone who is using drugs alone can add a peer to monitor their use and call emergency services if there is an overdose or people can volunteer to be your safety net
  • Support Circles – Group chat for step groups, or friend networks, even alumni groups for treatment centres
  • People Nearby – search for people in recovery when you are travelling, make new friends, ask about the local recovery community
  • Marketplace – Accommodations, Employment, Recovery Business Directory, look for a job, sober roommates, and support a local business owned by people in recovery
  • Recovery Celebrations – Congratulate people who are celebrating recovery milestones today, and share your milestone image
  • Speaker Tapes – over 15,000 speaker tapes, tap on Higher Power to autoplay what you need to hear at that moment
  • Meetings – Add your homegroup, join your home group, get directions to meetings, stream your homegroup live, chat with your homegroup members, no more zoom links
  • Step Work – Personal Growth Virtual Exercises, a Step 1,2,3 for making that decision, 12 Step Exercise to help you live in the solution, add a sponsor, share your step work with your sponsor
  • Daily Journal – take an inventory every day
  • Online Coaching – Need Help? Free Consultation and Support
  • LGBTQ2s Support – Meetings and Nearby People to help you when you need it, or make new friends
  • Leader Board – Get points every time to take a recovery-oriented action on BETTER App, your friends can see if your score is going down and can intervene if you need help.
  • Win Amazon Gift Cards – Click on the leaderboard to see how you can gain points for monthly and yearly contests.

BETTER App is a free recovery and overdose prevention tool and is a social enterprise of the Last Door Recovery Society, a nonprofit charity.

To support the APP you can donate or advertise, to book a banner ad please email betterapp@lastdoor.org or to donate to keep BETTER App free and current with today’s code updates, donate at https://lastdoor.org/donate/make-donation/ and type BETTER APP in the comment box. Thank you.